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What's special about The Megaformer Lab?

The Megaformer Lab is Shanghai's first & only Megaformer workout.


Our Founder, Belle, fell in love with the workout when she lived in Los Angeles in 2017. She returned to Shanghai and wanted to create that same positive community prioritizing health & wellness while connecting likeminded expats. 


We provide a full-body strength & endurance workout completed on the Lagree Megaformer in a small group class (<10 participants) environment to ensure individualized attention. From working primarily slow-twitch endurance muscle fibers, this exercise will target muscle groups that you didn't know existed. It's the perfect complement to your fitness routine, increasing endurance and flexibility in every move while strengthening the core.


What's the main difference between the Lagree Megaformer and Pilates Reformer?

Lagree Fitness is an endurance-based workout that uses HIIT circuit training style exercises on the Megaformer.


The Megaformer incorporates cardio, strength, balance, endurance, flexibility and core in every move whereas the Pilates Reformer focuses on breathing and postural alignment. 

Additionally, the Megaformer is almost double in size of the Reformer. Most exercises are performed standing and engages multiple muscle groups at a time for a more effective and efficient workout.


What should I expect in a MEGA45 class?

Our HIIT-style classes have quick transitions, no rest times and will challenge your core and endurance like no other. This revolutionary method minimizing transitions will allow one muscle group to rest while burning out the other, shortening your total workout time. We recommend taking 3-5 MEGAintro classes prior to taking MEGA45 classes if you are new to the Megaformer.


New to the studio?

We welcome everyone to be a part of the TML community. For beginners, we recommend taking a MEGAlite class. For those with injuries or restrictions, we also have private lessons available. Make sure that you take advantage of our introductory offers, which start at ¥399 RMB for 3 classe. 

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class to ensure a smooth check-in process and a thorough introduction of the Megaformer.


Where is the studio?

Our studio is located at:

358 Kang Ding Lu (Shan Kang Li)

Building #3, Unit #203

For directions, metro, and parking click here


How often should I take class to see the best results?

Everybody is different. Based on your fitness experience, availabilities, and complementing workouts we recommend 2-3 times a week to allow your body to fully rest & recover from each class. However, we have clients who come up to 5-6 times a week!


What should I bring to class?

Grip socks are required for Megaformer classes. We also recommend bringing water to stay hydrated before and after class. 

Grip socks are sold at the front desk as well as a variety of beverages. 


How do I book a class?

The easiest and fastest way to book a class is through our WeChat Mini Program. Click here for our membership options.


If you have any problems, please add: themegaformerlab on WeChat and one of our community reps will be able to help you.


What happens if I'm late? Or if I cancel?

For your first class, please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to receive an introduction to the Megaformer. If you are arriving late, please call the studio to let them know that you are on your way so that we don't give your spot away to someone on the waitlist once class begins.

There is no penalty for Class Pack holders for canceling class or no-shows but will incur a ¥200/class fee for Unlimited Package holders each missed class or late cancel.


Please read our complete booking & cancellation policy on the WeChat Mini Program.


I want to join the TML team!

We would love to have you as a part of our community. Please email: for career opportunities. 


The Megaformer Lab 和传统健身房有什么区别?

The Megaformer Lab 是上海首家拥有 Lagree Megaformer 健身器材的工作室。

创始人 Belle 在2017年时迷上了风靡洛杉矶的 Megaformer 运动,并致力于将热爱健康和运动的氛围带回上海。

The Megaformer Lab 以私教小团课的形式,组织10名学员进行大机械耐力运动课程。用 Megaformer 的领先科技在45分钟内高效率锻炼全身,并唤醒沉睡的小肌肉群。TML 主要训练肌肉耐力,并从不同角度挑战核心力量。课程中,我们会以缓慢的速度完成每个动作,并刺激深层肌肉。


Megaformer 和普拉提核心床有些什么区别?

Lagree Fitness 是一种训练肌肉耐力的运动。课程编排利用了 HIIT 高强度间歇训练,在缩短休息时间和提高心率的基础上增加核心肌肉力量和塑形效果。

Megaformer 中每个运动动作都结合了有氧,无氧,力量,耐力,核心和柔韧性的训练。Megaformer 是一种对肌肉耐力的挑战,相比之下普拉提核心床则注重于呼吸和身体体态的修复。

Megaformer 的尺寸为普拉提核心床的两倍左右。Megaformer 课程中完成的动作基本通过站姿完成,且每个独立动作都挑战许多不同的肌肉群体。



MEGA45 是我们最有名的45分钟高强度间歇训练课程。MEGA45会锻炼到全身上下的肌肉群体,是一个效率极高,几乎没有休息时间的课程。课程让您在高强度,低冲击力下利用弹簧和滑床的辅助完成极有针对性的动作,并挑战核心力量。建议新学员先体验3-5节 MEGAintro课程,熟悉 Megaformer 基本动作和使用方法后再挑战 MEGA45。



欢迎来到 TML 大家庭!我们建议新成员尝试 MEGAlite 课程,适应 Megaformer 器械上的运动。如果您有任何身体上的旧伤或不适,我们也有一对一的私教课程供您选择。新学员体验课包 ¥399起,点击这里查看新学员折扣



康定路358号 越界陕康里

3幢 203单元




每个人的身体都有所不同。根据自己的运动量和锻炼基础,我们建议参考每周2-3次 Megaformer 运动达到最佳效果。给予自己身体足够的休息和肌肉修复时间。有些健身达人迷上 Megaformer 一周会参加5-6次哦!



Megaformer 课程必须配戴防滑袜完成。我们建议学员带好自己的水壶,在课程开始和结束后给身体补充足够水分。

​Studio 前台可以购买防滑袜,水和各种运动饮料。







首次上课的学员们请提前15分钟到达 工作室。教练会提前为您介绍 Megaformer 的使用方法和安全须知。如果您会迟到几分钟,请致电前台告知我们您的名字以便为您保留位置。课程开始后空余位置将会开放给候补学员。

已购买Class Pack课包的学员若在开课前6小时内取消课程,将会失去预定的相应课时,但不涉及额外费用。已购买Unlimited Package无限次课程的学员每次开课前8小时内取消课程,或未能在开课时到达教室将会涉及 ¥200/每次的额外费用。





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