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the megaformer lab

shanghai's first & only lagree megaformer workout

The Megaformer Lab is Shanghai's first and only Lagree Fitness studio.

We bring you state-of-the-art Megaformers from Los Angeles, for the most effective endurance workout to tone, lengthen, and strengthen your body in a 45-minute intimate group class setting. 

The Megaformer is loved by models, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts in over 400+ studios around the world for its one-of-a-kind cardio training and sculpting exercise program. 












美模健身工作坊 The Megaformer Lab 是落户于魔都的首家专利健身器材 Lagree Fitness 工作室。

Megaformer 运动器材来自洛杉矶,给生活在魔都的朋友们带来好莱坞式时下最流行的健身方式。

在运动时效为45分钟的耐力训练中,Megaformer 帮助我们更好的塑形,从而达到减脂,增肌的效果。让我们向每个人心中的健康身形更进一步。

Lagree Fitness 在全球拥有400+家健身场馆,深受好莱坞明星,维密模特和著名球星的喜爱。



high intensity

low impact

Imagine the intensity of a HIIT workout without the landing impact on your joints and muscles. The Megaformer is an endurance workout that trains all major muscle groups in the body in a 45-minute session. It's perfect for those with busy schedules but who still want to squeeze in an efficient workout.

「高效率   低冲击力」


美模机 Megaformer 运用高强度间歇训练(HIIT),它的优势是在保护你关节和肌肉的状态下,运动全身部位的大肌肉群,让您能高效的拥有紧致、修长的身形与肌肉线条。



located in the heart of jing-an district 


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